Bassoon-Oboe basses New Oboe trebles and new Diapason tenor pipes Swell Trompette pipes
Great Trumpet pipes 16' Trombone (full length) -- lower section Swell Diapason bottom octave pipes (Haskell)
8' Swell Diapason bottom octave viewed from above Swell 8' Diapason treble pipes
Before -- Main Cable Before -- Main Cable Removed  - New Cable Below Before -- Main Junction
Before -- Console Switching Before -- Array of Diodes!!
Magnetically replusing tilting-tablets After After -- Console Interior
After --  Chamber Switching System After -- New Toe Studs in progress After -- New Toe Studs in progress
New Facade; all new reeds, including full-length 16' Trombone; replacement of failing zinc pipes; complete solid-state console conversion plus solid-state switching system; schwimmer refurbishing; complete tonal renovation including; revoicing and tonal regulation for smoother tone and minimal articulation; new Swell 8' Diapason, 2-2/3' Nasard, 1-3/5' Tierce, Great 8' Gambe, 8' Bourdon, and 8' Harmonic Flute.
New Facade Pipes
New Reeds and 8' Swell Diapason Pipes