The Hochhalter pipe organ in Eugene's First United Methodist Church started life in 1913. Built by the Austin company, it was moved to a much larger sanctuary in 1968. Many unfortunate mechanical changes had been made through the years.

By the 1990's it became obvious that the instrument needed a complete mechanical and tonal rebuilding and major expansion. Starting in 1995 work began on the Swell division; each subsequent year an additional division was completed. Some of the 1913 pipes were retained, although very few pipes remain in an unaltered state. Many weeks were spent adjusting the volume and timbre of the pipes to balance in and fill the large cubic volume of the sanctuary where considerable power is required from an organ of only 45 ranks.

A step back from the "American Classic" organ -- colors and dynamics of the Romantic and post-Romantic British and French tonal styles were explored. The double-blocked "French Trumpet" and Great "Harmonic Flute" are patterned after the Parisian organ builder Aristide Cavaille-Coll. The organ contains five other sets of harmonic flute pipes of varying pitch and color.

The "Gloria Trumpet", which operates on 10" of wind pressure, is named in honor of  Gloria Hodges who served as organist from 1980-1999.
Paul Jacobs playing for the Oregon Bach Festival Bone and Cocobolo Keys
Drawknobs of Cocobolo, Maple and Ebony In Our Workshop -- Ready to Deliver
In Our Workshop -- Toe Studs of Cocobolo, Brass and Ebony In Our Workshop In Our Workshop In Our Workshop
In Our Workshop In Our Workshop -- Neat and Tidy Console Layout Drawing
Portland Symphonic Choir -- Photo Credit: Mark A. Petersen Facade pipes constructed of aluminum 16' Double Diapason, 8' Octave, 16' Trombone (behind)
Great Pipes
Swell 8' Diapason and 8' Vox Humana
Swell 8' Diapason and 8' Vox Humana
Swell Pipes
Swell 8' French Trumpet (double-blocked)
Choir Organ
Great Pipes -- Gloria Trumpet on right
Proposed Echo division